Detailed answers to your most common questions.


How do I request a visit with GE-MED?
By means of a simple telephone call to our 24h/24 call center.  A trained medical regulator will answer your call and conduct an initial assessment using a defined series of questions.  This short evaluation helps us to determine your needs and the degree of urgency of your condition.  One of our mobile doctors will then be promptly dispatched to you .
Once I call, how long will it take for the doctor to arrive?
When you call to request a visit, you will be given an estimated time of the doctor’s arrival.  External factors such as traffic circulation and unexpected emergencies can influence the wait time of your pending visit.  We’ll do our best to keep that wait time to a minimum.
What if my condition worsens before the doctor arrives?
If your condition deteriorates or if you experience significant changes prior to the doctor’s arrival, please notify GE-MED immediately by telephone.  We will advise you accordingly.

If your situation becomes a vital emergency, immediately call 144.

Can a doctor see more than one patient during a visit?
Yes.  The doctor can see multiple persons in a given household during a visit.  Please notify the medical regulator at the time of your call so that we can obtain the necessary information and alert the scheduled doctor.
Can I request a visit for someone else?
Yes.  Any person authorised by the patient can request a visit.  Upon doing so, we ask that this person to also provide a telephone number where they can be reached at all times prior to the visit.
What if I need to cancel the visit?
Should you choose to cancel your scheduled visit, please immediately notify GE-MED by telephone so that we may redirect the doctor to another consultation.
Is there anything I need to do before the doctor arrives?
Yes. In order to help us make your visit is as efficient as possible, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines and prepare a short list of relevant medical information.  This will help us to better assess your current symptoms and condition.

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