Our service

Urgent medical house calls 24h/24.

Keeping tradition in today’s modern world.

Expert and reassuring assistance


Our on-site call center operates 24h/24, 365 days a year.  Day and night, trained medical regulators respond to your calls with expert and reassuring assistance.

They work hand in hand with our doctors in the field, making sure that patients receive the care they need, as quickly as possible.

High-quality medicine, at home


All consultations are carried out by a team of experienced ISFM/FMH-certified GPs and Internists.

Quality care for us, means taking into account not just your current symptoms, but your health as a whole. The more we understand your situation, the better we are able to respond with coherent solutions that meet not only your immediate needs, but contribute to your overall, long-term health, in collaboration with your own GP.

We are striving to serve as a  ‘human link’ betwen patients and their primary care physicians, providing the benefit of consultations in the patient’s environment when their own doctor is unable to.

Conditions we treat

Our doctors treat a broad range of urgent medical conditions.
The lists below represent a sampling of the many conditions we regularly treat.
For all questions, please contact our call center.

Urgent primary care needs

Apart from vital emergencies for which you should call 144, our doctors treat the majority of urgent conditions.  Here are some examples:


Allergic reactions

Back pain and other discomfort

Breathing difficulties and asthma

Bronchitis and respiratory infections

Cold / cough / congestion

Conjunctivitis and eye irritations

Ear infections

Fever and flu



Gastroenteritis / stomach problems

Headache and migraine


Sore throat / strep / sinus infection

Skin rashes and infections

Urinary tract infection

Vomiting / diarrhea / dehydration


We also respond for:

Palliative care

SOS Distress calls

Psychiatric distress

Numerous other situations




Minor traumas and injuries
Accidents and falls

Various traumas

Cuts and wounds

Muscle and joint injuries




Sports injuries

Sprains, strains and bruises

Numerous other situations


Diagnostic testing and on-site technichal procedures

In addition to routine testing, our doctors perform the following procedures and exams:


Blood glucose testing


Oxygen saturation test

Pregnancy test





Strep test

Urinary catheters

Urine analysis

During your consultation, if necessary, our doctors can arrange these additional services for you.

X-rays and medical imaging

Appointments with specialist physicians

Medical transport

In-home nursing and care services

Who we treat


We treat all adult patients requiring urgent, non-vital medical attention at home.


The majority of our doctors treat children aged 2 years and above for common ailments such as the flu, ear infections, strep throat, stomach flu, etc.

As most of our doctors are practicing GPs and Internists, they may recommend a pediatric opinion following their visit.

A parent or adult legal guardian must be present at the time of the consultation.

Seniors and aged care residents

We see all elderly patients who require or desire a home consultation.

In addition, we work closely with retirement institutions and in-home care organisations, to provide intervention and support for their elderly patients and aged care residents.


We accept consultation requests from non-residents and visitors requiring urgent medical attention. Visitors can contact us directly from their hotel, residence or place of work.

Cost and insurance


Our consultations are billed in accordance with TarMed, the unique federal tarrif that applies to Swiss medical services.

The cost of the visit (defined by TarMed), primarily depends on variables such as the time of day, the duration of the consultation and the doctor’s travel time to your location. Any eventual expense to the patient will be determined by the deductible and participation percentage (quote-part) specific to each insurance policy.

If additional exams or medications are prescribed, they will be billed to you separately by the outside service provider.


All of our visits are covered under Swiss basic health insurance policies. This coverage also applies to members of an HMO network and various Swiss health coverage models.

The majority of European and international health insurance plans cover our consultations Please check with your insurer for details of your coverage.

A referral from your own GP is not required to request a consultation.

Check our FAQ section for detailed answers to your most common questions.