Detailed answers to your most common questions.


Who are the doctors that will be treating me?
GE-MED is composed of a team of independent ISMF/FMH-certified GPs and Internists, most of whom also hold a Geneva-based private practice.  They  are experienced, local doctors with a sound knowledge of the Geneva medical community and emergency network.  Many of these doctors have been with us since the creation of GE-MED in 2004.  As a fully accredited Swiss ISFM/FMH training establishment, we also train doctors in the final stages of their residency specialisation.  These doctors are also part of our team and consult under the supervision of our senior physicians.
Can I request a specific doctor?
Yes.  It is possible to request the same doctor that you have seen in previous visits.  Please note however, that GE-MED is composed of a large pool of doctors who work on a rotating schedule to ensure a 24h/24 service.  In order to achieve maximum efficiency in our organisation, we try to minimise the travel time of doctors from one appointment to the next.  We will do our best to prioritise your request if the doctor in question is currently working at the time of your call.
Will I automatically see the same doctor for subsequent visits?
Not necessarily.  GE-MED is composed of a large pool of doctors who work on a rotating schedule to ensure a 24h/24 service.  However, if you wish to see the same doctor from a previous visit, and that doctor is working at the time of your call, we will do our best to meet your request.
Can a GE-MED doctor replace my own GP?
Yes. Upon request from your GP.  GE-MED is frequently mandated by family doctors to provide routine primary care or to perform specific tasks for their patients at home.  All mandates are carried out for a determined period of time.  We do not take over as your primary care doctor.
What languages are spoken by GE-MED doctors?
All of our doctors are French speaking and most possess a good working knowledge of English.  If you would like to communicate in English during your visit, please inform the medical regulator of your request and we will dispatch an appropriate doctor to you.

Many of our doctors also speak various other languages.  If you have a specific request, please inquire with our call center.