Careers at GE-MED

Modern medicine with a traditional point of view.

A leader in home consultations, we strive to deliver trusted, top-notch medicine, with a sense of humanity.

What we offer

  • Modern medical practices
  • Up-to-date medical knowledge/on-the-job training
  • Technology-supported/technology-driven
  • Dynamic, fast-moving environment
  • Forward thinking
  • Connected, active player in the local health care network
  • Leader in the domain of medical house calls

  • Enhanced doctor/patient relationship in the home setting
  • Challenging, resourceful practice
  • Building confidence in autonomy
  • Incorporating new techniques and procedures
  • Strengthening decision making skills and stratified thinking
  • Reinforcing traditional medical values
  • Enjoying a fufilling, stimulating and friendly work environment

  • Flexible hours on a 24/7 rotating schedule
  • Easy to combine with other professional activities (private practice, etc.)
  • Independent or salaried status
  • Work % negotiable

  • Medical material furnished
  • Secretarial support for medical reports
  • Billing services, litigation assistance
  • 24h/24 on-call support of Senior Physician
Interested in joining GE-MED?