Detailed answers to your most common questions.


Do GE-MED doctors write prescriptions?
Yes. According to your needs, our doctors can provide you with a necessary prescription. You can have this prescription filled at your habitual pharmacy or at a late-night pharmacy, if the circumstances require.

For a current list of late-night pharmacies, please consult our section Medical resources.

Are prescriptions included in the cost of a visit?
No.  Your choice of pharmacy will bill you directly and in accordance with your insurance plan.
What do I do when my medication runs out?
Please contact first your family doctor.  In the event however, that your doctor is unavailable and the prescription is linked to your most recent GE-MED visit, you can contact our call center.  We will advise you accordingly.

If you can not reach your own GP and run out of a medication that he or she prescribed for you, please inquire at your habitual pharmacy.  They should have a record of your recent medical treatments and should be able to issue an advance of your required medication until your doctor returns.  GE-MED does not provide medical prescriptions without a consultation.

What if I need a blood test, lab work, x-rays or other exams?
GE-MED’s doctors are equipped to perform numerous on-site exams and blood work.  Depending on the situation, the doctor will choose whether to perform the procedure or organise it with an outside laboratory.  In the event that you require additional exams, such as x-rays or medical imaging, the doctor can schedule an appointment with the appropriate provider.  Your test results can be sent to GE-MED, to your own GP or to both parties.
What if I need to see a specialist upon GE-MED's recommendation?
GE-MED’s doctors are local, practicing physicians in the Geneva canton.  They have a vast working knowledge of the Geneva medical community and know whom to refer you to for further analysis.  For urgent situations, they can advise a specialist and organise an appointment for you.  If possible, the doctor may redirect you to your own GP – the person of reference who knows you best and who can determine the most appropriate course of action.  In all cases, your GP will be promptly informed of all medical actions taken.
Can GE-MED doctors provide medical certificates?
Yes.  Depending on their assessment of your condition, GE-MED’s doctors can provide a medical certificate for up to 5 days, in most cases.  If you need to extend the length of the certificate, you will need to do so with your own GP.