Detailed answers to your most common questions.


When and where is GE-MED available?
Our service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.  We currently service all communes within the canton of Geneva, Switzerland.
Does GE-MED have an on-site medical center?
No.  GE-MED is  a medical house call service that provides urgent care to patients at home when it best serves their needs.  All consultations are performed  at home and on-demand.
What conditions do you treat?
Our doctors treat a wide range of primary care needs such as common illnesses and infections as well as minor traumas and wounds. We respond to non-vital emergencies such as respiratory crises, allergic reactions and SOS distress calls. We  perform numerous diagnostic tests and on-site procedures such as EKGs, bloodwork, urine analysis and urinary catheterisation.

For a complete listing, see Conditions we treat

For vital emergencies, please call 144.

Do you treat children?
Yes.  Although the majority of our doctors are GPs and Internists, most ensure pediatric care for children aged 2 years and above for common ailments such as colds, coughs, fever, flu, sore throat, ear infections, stomach flu, etc. Our doctors may recommend a pediatric opinion following their visit.  A parent or adult legal guardian must be present at the time of the consultation.
Can I request a nurse or other health care provider through GE-MED?
No. GE-MED proposes medical house calls by qualified doctors only.  We do however, work closely with many of Geneva’s in-home nursing and care services, providing support when a doctor’s intervention is required.  We’d be happy to recommend an organisation that best suits to your needs.
Can a doctor come to my work?
Yes.  As long as your place of work has a quiet, separate space where the consultation can take place.
I am visiting Geneva. Can a doctor come to my work?
Yes.  Our doctors routinely see visitors to the Geneva region.  You or your hotel concierge can contact us directly to arrange a visit.