Postgraduate training ISFM/FMH specialisation

House calls, an integral step in General/Internal Medicine specialist training.

What we offer

GE-MED is a certified postgraduate training establishment registered with the ISFM/FMH (Swiss Institute for Medical Formation).

In collaboration with HUG’s Service of Primary Care (SMPR), we offer doctors within their residency specialisation, an accredited, 1-year training program of category IV Internal General Medicine.

Recognition :
Internal General Medicine
Category IV
1 year

Type of position : 3rd year +, following federal medical exam

Target group : candidates for specialisation in Internal/General Medicine

Work percentage : To be determined

Supervision : 3 senior physicians

Specific objectives :

  • Ambulatory Internal/General Medicine (house calls, retirement institutions, police, public incidents, etc.)
  • Non-vital emergencies
  • Pediatric house calls for children 2 years and above
  • Mental illness
  • Legal medicine
  • Interaction and collaboration with local health network
  • At home care and support
  • On-site technical procedures
  • Interpretation of secondary exams/investigative strategies

The house call experience

A different kind of medicine

Reflecting with limited resources
Bringing humanity and balance to the doctor/patient relationship
Exercising judgement, ethics and empathy
Gaining more insight into patients’ situations
Adapting learned guidelines and reacting within the boundaries of a home environment
Receiving immediate feedback and recognition
Acquiring knowledge and integrating the health care network into your daily practice
Being exposed to varying cultural, social and psychological contexts
Negotiating with patients and their entourage
Finding satisfaction and a  rewarding sense of utility

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