Detailed answers to your most common questions.

After the visit

Will my own GP be notified of my GE-MED visit?
Yes.  Following our visit, a medical report will be sent to your doctor, usually within 24 hours.
What should I do if my condition doesn't improve after the visit?
After the visit, please follow the doctor’s instructions and allow the necessary time for the prescribed treatment to take effect.  However, if you feel that your condition is clearly not improving or is deteriorating, please immediately contact our call center so that we may assess your symptoms and provide assistance.

If necessary, we will contact the doctor you saw or dispatch another doctor to you for re-evaluation.

If I have any questions concerning the recent visit, who should I contact?
Please contact our call center.  Our medical regulators are on hand 24h/24 to answer any questions you may have.
If my own GP isn't available, can I call GE-MED for a prescription or medical certificate?

GE-MED does not issue prescriptions or medical certificates without a consultation. However, if your request is linked to a recent GE-MED visit, we can evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly. Please contact our call center for assistance.

If you run out of a medication prescribed to you by your own GP, please inquire at your habitual pharmacy.  They should have a record of your recent medical treatments and should be able to issue an advance of your required medication until your doctor returns.