Detailed answers to your most common questions.


Will GE-MED's visit be covered by my health insurance?
GE-MED’s visits are reimbursed by all Swiss basic insurance policies.  Any person suscribed to a Swiss policy is covered.  This coverage also applies to members of an HMO network and various other Swiss health coverage models.

A referral from your own GP is not required to request a visit.

Are accidents covered as well as illness?
Yes.  If your condition involves an accident and you benefit from accident insurance through your employer, please immediately report the incident to your employer.  This will allow your company to declare the accident and open a file specific to your case.  If your accident insurance is included in your own personal policy, you will need to contact your insurer to report the incident and open a file.
I have an international insurance policy through my work. Will it cover a GE-MED visit?
A large number of international insurance plans cover our consultations.  Please check with your employer or insurer for details.  If you have any further questions,  please contact our call center.  We will gladly assist you.
I am currently visiting Geneva and have health insurance in my country of residence. Am I covered?
Our doctors routinely see visitors to the Geneva region.  International and travel insurance policies however, are specific to each provider.  Please check with your insurer for details of your coverage.  For any further questions, please contact our call center.  We will gladly assist you.
If the doctor prescribes additional exams or medication, will they be covered?
Yes, provided you are subscribed to a Swiss health insurance policy.  Any additional recommended exams and prescriptions will be billed directly to you by the outside provider.