About GE-MED

Our mission

Our mission is to bring to our community, a dedicated medical home consultation structure that best serves the needs of its patients and medical professionals, upholding integrity, trust and the highest standards in health care.

Our values

Preserving quality, compassion and tradition in patient care.
Health care in its simplest form is profoundly human. In preserving the notion of ‘bedside family doctor’, a practice that nutured long-term relationships, trust and quality care, we strive to retain the fundamental sense of medicine in today’s modern world.

Improving patients’ well-being and overall quality of life.

Seeing patients in their familiar surroundings helps to ease many of the stresses and difficulties involved in getting to medical appointments, especially for the elderly population. By providing an alternative to often complex hospital admissions and emergency visits, we work to keep patients healthy and happy at home.

Encouraging medical efficiency through teamwork and collaboration.

A greater awareness of patients’ needs ultimately leads to better and more efficient care. When medical professionals work together, consultations are optimised, the number of interventions decrease and often unnecessary ER trips and hospitalisations are avoided. Patients benefit from an improved continunity of care and health care ultimately becomes more cost-efficient.

The advantage of locally trained doctors


Our biggest advantage is that the doctors who work with us have been trained and currently practice in Geneva. Their vast knowledge of the local health community and emergency network is invaluable. They know which specialists to call, what hospital structure to direct patients to in case of need and the various in-home care organisations to solicit, should a patient require home hospitalisation.

Our story

The beginning – a new approach to house calls

In 2004, a small group of local doctors gathered around a kitchen table in Geneva, discussing their experiences with house calls and the added value this type of service brought to health care. The demand for mobile doctors was growing, they agreed, but they had also learned through experience, that the true benefit of house calls was one that complemented the patient’s existing care network. Knowing that a home consultation structure which functioned both with and within the local medical community did not yet exist, these like-minded doctors decided to join forces and create Genève-Médecins.

Unique philosophy – creating an ‘ideal care network’ for the patient

Genève-Médecins approached the home consultation sector with a unique and humble philosophy. By placing their service primarily at the disposition of health care professionals, they attempted to recreate an ‘ideal care network’ for patients – one that held the patient’s best interest as its central objective.

GE-MED was there – on call for patients and professionals

When patients were unable to seek necessary, urgent care outside of their home, Genève-Médecins would rapidly respond. When local GPs were unable to see their patients for urgent matters, they mandated Genève-Médecins to step in. When in-home nursing organisations required a doctor’s immediate intervention, Genève-Médecins was there.

A solid reputation among their peers and the population

With altruistic perspectives and a firm conviction to provide the highest quality care, Genève-Médecins built, brick-by-brick, a solid reputation among their peers and the population, and has become today, a reference in the domain of medical house calls.

A sense of community – federally accredited training centre ISFM/FMH

In favor of simplicity, Genève-Médecins, in 2015, decided to publicly adopt their internal nickname ‘GE-MED’, and has since operated under this easy reference. Today, GE-MED’s sense of community continues to expand. As a federally accredited  training centre, and in close collaboration with Geneva’s hospitals, GE-MED offers young doctors, postgraduate ISFM/FMH certification and in-the-field training.

Returning to the roots of medicine, the members of GE-MED hope to inspire a new generation of valued GPs and Internists


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